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Modern meets rustic

This backyard sanctuary set against a rural backdrop, strikes a harmonious balance between the modern and rustic. Flaunting clean contemporary finishes that blend naturally with the ‘rough’ non-symmetrical softscape elements, this space offers a cohesive outdoor living environment.

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Sophisticated elegance

This classic home located on a ravine in Hamilton underwent a renovation, which included the addition of a large two-storey structure at the back of the lot. As a result, the backyard area was significantly reduced. When presented with the challenge, the Betz Pool’s design team created a plan that could accommodate a pool as well as entertaining areas in the available space.

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Relaxing has never been easier with these outdoor candles

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a dinner party or enjoying the cool evening air alone, outdoor candles can make any summer night that much better.

The best part? There are so many different varieties of candles available. From scented and citronella to long-lasting light-emitting diode (LED), candlelight can improve the atmosphere of any backyard setting. Candles also have many uses, including creating ambience, warding off insects, and infusing a space with colour and … Continue reading Relaxing has never been easier with these outdoor candles

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Four bathing suit trends to try this summer

What bathing suit should I wear? This question—which often overwhelmes us as the tides of summer approach—can cause high levels of confusion and stress.

With so many cuts, colours, and prints available, making a choice is difficult. Thankfully, Pools, Spas & Patios has gone through a number of styles and put together four easy-to-wear swimwear trends to help you make a solid, ‘staycation’-worthy decision.

First on the radar: the classic one-piece. This universally flattering full-body … Continue reading Four bathing suit trends to try this summer

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