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Summer Slaw

Summer_slaw_dreamstime_11696181By Mackenzie Taylor

It’s fresh, it’s delicious, it requires knife skills! I love this stuff for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Shave one head of Napa cabbage (cut from top to bottom as thinly as you can, like a ‘slaw’) and put in a large bowl. Next to your big, beautiful wooden cutting board, you have lined up:

1 grapefruit
1 orange
1 lemon
1 lime

Take a vegetable peeler and very carefully peel the zest off your fruit. Don’t dig deep with the peeler, you want the colourful, aromatic ‘skin’ of the rind, not the white bitter stuff underneath.

At a 45-degree angle or bias, slice the zest into thin juliennes and put in the bowl with the cabbage. With your chef’s knife, remove the rest of the white rind from the outside of the fruit, leaving the exposed flesh. Carefully slice the segments of flesh away from the inner skin and put in the bowl. Over a strainer (to catch the seeds and pulp) squeeze the fruit husks into a separate bowl.

Take one small red onion, cut it in half and then shave thinly. Put it into the bowl with fruit and cabbage. Stop crying, we’re almost done.

Okay, now for the dressing. In your bowl with the juice, add:

¼ cup champagne vinegar (what? doesn’t everyone have champagne vinegar?)
2 tbsp wild flower honey
Big pinch of fresh roughly cut cilantro
Salt and pepper

Whisk and slowly drizzle in 4 tbsp XVO. Fold into your slaw and chill for a half-hour. Serve ‘as is’ with sausages, burgers, fish or steak (or even under those delicious scallops you grilled as an appetizer). Top with yogurt, nuts and berries for breakfast.

Bon Appetit

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