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Summer Fruit Gazpacho

Summer fruit gazpachoFeatureImage

By Mackenzie Taylor

Okay, this one is super easy and is a great simple starter on a hot day.

In a blender, combine peeled and seeded:
Honey Dew


Fresh lime juice
1 tsp fresh chopped cilantro (only if you like cilantro)
Salt and pepper to taste

Purée and refrigerate. Serve in chilled bowls, or in martini glasses with 50/50 solution of soup to gin or vodka, your call.

Optional garnishing
If you want to impress your guests, turn back the clock to the night before the barbecue and dampen 2 sq. ft. of clean kitchen towel or folded cheesecloth. Spread cloth in a bowl. Pour organic natural yogurt onto the cloth in the bowl. Tie the end of the cloth so you have a ‘sack’ of yogurt in a bowl. Place bowl in fridge and suspend the sack o’ yogurt above the bowl, allowing liquid from the yogurt to drain overnight.
(If it was up to me, and it should be, all yogurt would be served this way, it’s awesome.)

So, it’s morning and we do not allow our sack of yogurt to plop back into the liquid we’ve taken out of it. Rather, we put it in a clean dry bowl, open it up and, voila, Hung Yogurt!

Fast forward. It’s today again and we’ve got our delicious soup in our chilled bowls and we put a dollop of hung yogurt in the middle. On top of that we put a teaspoon of organic wild flower honeycomb (check your health food store) and a sprig of fresh lavender from the garden.

Yahoo! Look out, you’re a pro!

Bon Appetit

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