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Contemporary design

Stainless steel exemplifies elegance and durability

Project by Elite Pool Design Inc.

An esthetic mix of natural beauty and contemporary finishes inspired by the architecture in Kelowna, B.C., this luxurious backyard exemplifies modern elegance and quality craftsmanship. Installed in a community of custom, estate homes in Ashburn, Ont., this stainless steel spa is every inch the homeowner’s vision.

The entry points from the house to the backyard dictated the spatial planning of the project. The walkout basement to the spa area was the main focus; however, it was critical to tie in a separate entrance at a different elevation, as well as make the area wheelchair accessible to meet the client’s needs.

Initially, extensive retaining walls and drainage systems were required to rid the property of excess groundwater. The different elevations made proper grading a priority. Finally, moving a septic tank, located in the middle of the backyard, presented endless possibilities. Despite several construction challenges, Elite Pool Design Inc., engineered a design that transformed the bowl-shaped backyard into a space that complements its natural elevations, which serve as an integral component of the project.

When entering the backyard from the driveway at ground level, one has a bird’s eye view of the magnificent space. A tiered staircase leads one further into a warm, sunken hideaway with four distinct areas: the spa, the outdoor kitchen, pergola, and the fireplace lounge.

The 2.4- x 3-m (8- x 10-ft) stainless steel spa is 1.2 m (4 ft) deep and features a transparent acrylic wall, displaying the vessel’s interior polished finish, which is further accentuated by the aqua-hued mosaic waterline tiles and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. Relaxing in the spa, the eyes are guided to a large leisure space in the centre of the backyard, featuring a 3.6-m (12-ft) limestone fireplace against a picturesque wooded forest backdrop. Flagging this area is an elevated covered pergola with a natural gas fire table, which serves as an intimate lounge. Here, guests have a view of the entire backyard. Opposite the pergola is a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with stainless steel and wood accents. The flat rooflines of the pergola and kitchen, as well as the linear fireplace, are reminiscent of modern designs prominent throughout the West coast.

The contrast between the crisp stainless steel features and warm wood finishes of cedar lend an intriguing look to the space. The intelligent use of stainless steel is not only in keeping with the modern theme of the project, but also adds a sleek look and ensures durability.

Elite Pool Design Inc.
Whitby, Ont.
Tel: 905-622-7383
Special Design Elements
  • Stainless steel spa with acrylic wall
  • Large, limestone fireplace
  • Multi-elevations with smooth transitions
  • Fully equipped outdoor kitchen
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