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Splendid Smaller Spaces

Small, tiled, chill pools are both invigorating and therapeutic.

By Barry Justus

As lot sizes in Canada’s urban centres become smaller and smaller, you might think a luxurious pool simply isn’t in the cards. A tiny space, however, can still be a regal one. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a large, dominant body of water in your landscape to take it to the next level.

This is where the design philosophy ‘less is more’ comes into play. It goes without saying that small space design solutions are often more challenging than working with sprawling properties, with limits such as zoning setbacks, bylaws, access restrictions and practical construction space limitations. That said, top-flight pool designers can still incorporate all of the features found in large projects into a more modest space, on a smaller, but still very high-end, scale.

By combining a plunge pool, hot spa, chill pool, swim jet, fire feature, wet walls and all manner of features into a small space, you can create a mini oasis that exudes quality and practicality. These fully tiled projects become a work of art as well as an entertainment and social gathering spot for friends and family.


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