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Seared Swiss Chard

Swiss_Chard bigstock_Silverbeet_-_Chard_7760971By Mackenzie Taylor

You should be growing this. It’s kind of like bok choy meets spinach, but Canadian, eh!
This is another side burner dish. You can try grilling it, but I’m using a pan.

Cut one head of chard out of your garden or pick some up at the store. Wash well Wash again and again…kind of like sandy spinach, tastes great until you chew.

Cut into thirds, including the stalk (just trim off the very bottom, but keep the white stuff, it’s sweet and delicious) Heat up a big heavy-bottomed* pan on your side burner with your washed chard within reach.

2 tbsp butter or XVO or bacon fat
2 cloves of roasted garlic
All the swiss chard…relax it wilts down

Stir like crazy, but don’t act crazy…you’re a chef, keep your composure! Add some salt, and pepper. Then add a little squeeze of fresh lemon. (Hey, I said a little, don’t make it sour, just fresh!)
As soon as the chard starts to wilt a wee bit, remove from pan, let the residual heat finish it off. If you cook it too long it will lose all its water and…well, I’m sure you’ll find out.

*A note on heavy-bottomed pans. You’re asking yourself, why is this guy always on about heavy-bottoms? I know what your thinking and you’re wrong. A heavy-bottomed pan means even heat distribution and no burned food.

Bon Appetit


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