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Renovating Your Pool

How to spruce up your pool on a budget

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By Dave Clark

When it comes to personal relationships, unconditional love is a wonderful thing. When it comes to your time-worn backyard pool, however, it might not be the best approach. Change can be a struggle at the best of times, but thankfully, when it comes to backyard pools, there are lots of attractive options available that won’t break the bank.

Why renovate your pool?

In the early 1990s, trend forecasters predicted people would start to escape from the fast-paced world and spend more time together at home. After nearly two decades―and a serious global recession―those predictions seem to have come true. Even throughout several ups and downs in the housing market, the home renovation market has been on a steady climb for almost 20 years. In these hectic times, people are also trying to simplify their lives and be more deliberate about how they spend their time and money. Those who may have been able to afford multiple residences in the past (e.g. a home and summer cottage) are now focusing on one property and making it the best it can be, often with a great swimming pool as part of the picture.

While many homeowners are choosing to add a pool to their property, those who already have a pool are looking to spruce up their existing backyard getaway. There are a whole host of reasons for pool renovation, but whatever the reason, there are certain steps you must take to ensure your pool renovation project doesn’t fall short of expectations and exceed your budget.

This is exactly what one Toronto couple did when they recently decided to tackle a renovation project. Their custom concrete pool had served them well over the years—the kids had grown up with it, friends had gathered to enjoy it and the ravine lot surrounding it had created a sheltered oasis, protected with a natural wall of green.

The only downside was the condition of the pool; sadly, it was starting to show its age. While the owners had been meticulous about maintenance, worn surfaces, faded materials and the occasional crack here and there indicated it was time for renewal. The family had also recently remodelled their kitchen, complete with a gorgeous walkout deck overlooking the pool. A pool renovation was the obvious next step. Their story serves as a great case study of a renovation gone right, which can serve as an example to any homeowner looking to spruce up their backyard oasis.

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