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The Heat Is On
By Arctic Heat Pumps

Arctic Heat Pumps for pools and hot tubs are capable of operating in temperatures as cold as -7 C (20 F). Their high efficiency can provide pool owners with up to 80 per cent savings on monthly heating bills, supplying up to 25 kW heating power while consuming under five kilowatts of electricity. In addition to providing large cost savings, these heat pumps offer cooling capabilities as well. A patent-pending four-way automatic reversing valve allows the unit to be switched from heating to cooling mode to provide cost-effective chilling for cold plunge hot tubs or to reduce the pool temperature in hot summer months. Using a titanium heat exchanger, Arctic Heat Pumps harvest the low-temperature energy in the air and transfer it to high-temperature heat energy for the pool or hot tub. The heat pump, which has a three-year warranty, has standard 38-mm (1.5-in.) polyvinyl chloride (PVC) connections for use on any pool or hot tub and 240 VAC electrical set-up. A touch-screen digital controller makes operation and programing easy.

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