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Pool and Hot Tub Cleanliness Checklist

Properly maintaining your pool or hot tub is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs down the road. But what equipment do you need to keep your pool or hot tub in proper condition? More importantly, what purpose do these tools serve? The following checklist will put you in the know.

Note: All maintenance tools mentioned are available from your local pool and hot tub dealer and many come prepackaged in a convenient maintenance kit.

Swimming pools

Leaf skimmer—Framed shallow mesh screen connected to a telescopic handle for collecting floating surface debris.
Leaf net/rake—An oval-shaped frame with deep netting for collecting large debris (leaves, twigs) from the pool floor.
Wall brush—Rounded or curved ends to fit pool contours and to prevent scraping or tearing of vinyl pool liners. Connects to a standard or telescopic pole and features several long rows of bristles or foam pads to scrub away scum and algae from pool surfaces.
Deck brush—Available in hand-held or pole models, these brushes contain synthetic bristles for scrubbing deck surfaces and coping.
Tile scrubber—Has a pole handle and a moulded plastic base with a press-on scrub pad and sponge for cleaning tile around the pool at the waterline.
Algae brush—Offered in several lengths with a straight edge containing several rows of stainless steel bristles for removing algae from concrete pool surfaces.
Pumice stone—A brick-shaped stone for removing scum buildup along the waterline.
Rust/algae stone—Contains fine grit for removing stubborn stains from concrete pools.
Automatic pool vacuum—Suction models vacuum up leaves, dirt, and debris and send it directly to the pool’s filtration system through a flexible, adjustable hose connected to the skimmer. Operates with or without a main drain and cleans the pool using compressed water from the filter pump for power.
Sweep models—Push dirt and debris into the pool’s main drain where a leaf basket over the drain collects the leaves while sediment is sucked through the main drain and removed by the filter.
Robotic pool cleaners—Operate independently of the pool pump and filter and move around the pool in a pre-programmed pattern collecting debris in their own filter bag while they scrub, sweep, and vacuum the pool. They are simply dropped into the pool and plugged in without the need for installation or hoses.
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