Outdoor living redefined

by Jason Cramp | April 2, 2021 2:01 pm

A backyard sanctuary that combines comfort and luxury

Outdoor living redefined[1]

Project by Blue Diamond Pools & Landscaping

This backyard sanctuary, located on a large estate lot in Apto, Ont., flaunts a clean, contemporary finish, which transitions seamlessly from an indoor to outdoor living environment. The project was designed to meet the homeowner’s need for entertainment and relaxation.

To make the client’s vision a reality, Blue Diamond Pools & Landscaping installed a 6.1- x 12.2.- x 2.7-m (20- x 40- x 9-ft) vinyl pool, featuring full-width, vinyl-over-steel walk-in steps. The pool equipment is set up with full Hayward automation to keep it low maintenance for the homeowner, so the pool is always sparkling and ready for them to enjoy. An automatic safety cover that opens and closes with a passcode keypad ensures safety and peace of mind.

The pool is strategically positioned at the back of the house and can be easily accessed from three points including the sunroom, master bedroom, and the garage. The design flows effortlessly on to a wood-burning firepit area, which provides plenty of sitting room to relax and enjoy with family and friends.

The large yard beyond the pool area offers ample space for both pets and kids to enjoy. The multi-level space integrates perfectly into the design and offers gorgeous views of the greenery from every angle. The luxurious patio boasts multiple zones on different levels, including a dining area, a private outdoor shower, and a comfortable spa. The hot tub’s proximity to the sunroom doors offers easy, year-roud access, while the large patio ensures abundant space for large gatherings without getting crowded. All the zones are tied together with custom exposed concrete and natural stepping stone, but separated with softscapes.

The surround patio is made of exposed concrete and natural flagstone walkways leading to the outdoor heated shower, garage access, and two composite decks with glass railings to enjoy the view of the pool area. Landscape lights are also positioned along the walkways, in the gardens, and on the raised culture stone wall to guide users throughout the backyard in the evenings when the sun goes down.

All components of this pool and spa installation were completed by Blue Diamond Pools with landscaping assistance from Bradford Greenhouses.

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Special Design Elements
  • Rectangular pool with vinyl-over-steel walk-in steps
  • Automatic pool cover
  • Outdoor dining space
  • Wood-burning firepit area
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