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Clean Elegance

A classic design with modern flair

Pool project by Betz Pools Ltd.

Project by Betz Pools Ltd.

Surrounded by mature foliage, this Oakville, Ont., property is equipped with a built-in privacy screen. With a keen eye for design, the homeowners worked with Betz Pools to transform the side yard of their corner lot into a multi-functional outdoor entertainment space.

A classic cabana with a gable window to mirror the architectural and design elements of the home anchors one side of the property. An outdoor gas fireplace is positioned at the centre of the symmetrical design, warming a sheltered seating area. French doors on either side of the lounge lead to a change room and a washroom. Four chaise lounges sit in front of the cabana, positioned to catch sun throughout the day.

The seating overlooks a custom-built 6- x 10-m (20- x 34-ft) concrete pool, bordered by a durable, acid-etched concrete deck, which mimics the look of natural sandstone. The pool’s white interior includes an attractive exposed aggregate finish, while matching bullnose cantilever coping creates a crisp look.

The homeowners’ young children love the pool’s 2- x 4.5-m (7- x 15-ft) tanning shelf, which with only a depth of 305 mm (1 ft), offers an excellent in-pool lounge area and a convenient jumping-off entrance to the shallow end. Next to the shelf, a sleek 1.5- x 3-m (5- x 10-ft) perimeter overflow spa is elegantly clad with polished Eramosa stone. When not in use, a steady stream of water recirculates from the spa back into the pool, creating the look of an elevated block of glistening water.

The pool is flanked by artificial turf and two rows of acid-etched concrete stepping stones, which lead to large natural grass play areas for the children. The section of the yard along the street features an elevated natural stone feature wall with a 1.8-m (6-ft) sheer descent waterfall. The sound of splashing water in addition to a row of mature pyramidal cedars dampens noise from passing traffic.

A fully-equipped outdoor stone-clad kitchen opens into a cozy lounge with plush couches and a fire table. A covered, outdoor dining room is positioned between the home’s kitchen- and great room-walkouts, with a pair of lush garden pots on either side to maintain the design’s classic symmetry.

At night, the yard is illuminated with strategically placed light-emitting diode (LED) garden and pool lights. The pool’s underwater lighting ensures a soft, warm glow, while the soothing sound of the sheer descent waterfall creates a relaxing backdrop.

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Betz Pools Ltd.
Stouffville, Ont.
Tel: 905-640-1424
Special Design Elements
  • Sheer descent waterfall
  • Polished Eramosa stone
  • In-floor cleaning system
  • Shallow tanning shelf
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  1. I absolutely love this project by Betz Pools Ltd.! Their Oakville outdoor retreat is a masterclass in design, blending classic elements like the cabana and fireplace seamlessly with the stunning concrete pool and sandstone-like deck. The meticulous attention to detail, from architectural harmony to the pool’s finish, truly impresses. It’s clear that Betz Pools Ltd. excels in creating inviting outdoor spaces, and I’m thoroughly impressed with this blog post.

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