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Backyard Parties: The Tiniest Party Guests

By Kristine Archer


Incorporating kids into your party plans—and making sure they’re entertained once they arrive—can be tricky. If you have children on your guest list, consider these tips for keeping them safe, happy and under control.

  • Have an array of kid-friendly and, preferably, healthy foods on hand (e.g. juice boxes, granola bars and fresh fruit) for the kids to snack on. When planning your primary menu, be sure to include options kids will actually eat, such as hot dogs.
  • Keep a supply of items the kids might need at the ready (e.g. sunblock, insect repellant, etc.).
  • Create a supervised space where the young ones can colour, play games or watch a movie. If you’re on a tight-budget, head to the local dollar store to pick up some inexpensive toys and activities for the little ones to choose from.
  • Be sure there is an adult or group of adults supervising the children at all times, especially if they are anywhere near a backyard pool. If it’s within your budget, consider hiring a babysitter to look after the kids, so the adults can enjoy themselves without worrying.
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