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An Abundance of Options

HP10-No10-NORTHERN-LIGHTS-IBy Doug Gillespie

While there are certain basics by which to guide your hot tub search, there are also some unique add-ons to consider when comparing models. These are just a few of the more popular upgrades on the market today.

  • Fragrance dispenser: This allows you to use specially designed spa fragrances in your hot tub, to add an element of aromatherapy to your soak. This can take your hot tub from a mere luxury to a multi-faceted wellness centre.
  • Water features: These add-ons (e.g. waterfalls, streams, etc.) can add both esthetic and therapeutic benefits to your hot tub.
  • Air therapy: These systems inject numerous tiny air bubbles into the water to provide a full-body massage. If you choose this type of feature, make sure it uses heated air; there is nothing worse than having cool air ruin your hot tub experience.
  • Lights: Colour therapy can be a beneficial addition to the massage and wellness experience. All hot tubs have a standard number of lights; it is up to you whether you add more—perhaps to the cabinet or the top lip of the hot tub—to enhance the soaking experience.
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