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A Miami-style retreat

Achieving the ‘wow’ factor with an ultra-modern look

A Miami-sytle retreat

Project by Pool Craft

What instantly catches the eye as one enters this luxurious backyard, located in Richmond Hill, Ont., are the clean, sharp lines of the large 5.5- x 11-m (18- x 36-ft) rectangular pool and the sheer water feature, with the latter creating a serene, relaxing environment, thanks to the sounds of moving water.

A spill-over steel spa with a custom tanning ledge on the opposite side of the water feature is a natural extension of the overall sleek design. Further, the adjacent shallow steps leading into the water offer an easy descent into the pool. Together, these areas provide the homeowner the perfect place to relax by the pool or enjoy a calming evening dip in the spa with family and friends.

The Blue Terrazzo pool liner provides a sharp yet soothing contrast against the grey Blu Grande smooth patio stone. The water feature is constructed out of a 52.5-mm (6-in.) block with natural stone ledgerock on the front along with the Banas Jet Black 305-mm (12-in.) coping stone with a rock-face edge to match the pool and spa.

To realize this homeowner’s vison, Pool Craft worked closely with the client every step of the way to ensure they were able to achieve all the elements on the owner’s storyboard. The client wanted an ultra-modern cabana or to quote the homeowner, “I want to feel like I’m in Miami.” That said, this was definitely the first ‘Miami’-style cabana Pool Craft has built, as the majority of the company’s customers were more after a Muskoka-cabana look.

The custom cabana, which stands atop an engineered concrete slab, serves as another interesting focal point, boasting black-trim details and two expansive 3.5- x 2.05-m (11.5- x 6.75-ft) Ostaco glass doors that not only connect the interior and exterior spaces, but also complete the ‘Miami’ look the homeowner wanted. This ultra-modern structure is equipped with a full kitchen, barbeque server, washroom (with shower), and a lounge area complemented by a fireplace.

The intelligent selection of material is not only in keeping with the modern theme of the project, but also enhances the intricate details of the design. Additional features such as the landscape lighting, irrigation system, and foliage lend the ‘wow’ factor to this backyard paradise.

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Pool Craft
Richmond Hill, Ont.
Tel: 905-884-2720
Special Design Elements
  • Steel spill-over spa with custom tanning ledge
  • ‘Miami’-style cabana
  • Fully equipped outdoor kitchen
  • Large, sliding glass doors
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