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A grand masterpiece

Four-season house offers a seamless transition between the interior and exterior

Four-season house offers a seamless transition between the interior and exterior

Project by Land-Con Ltd.

This gorgeous backyard retreat in Kleinburg, Ont., comprising a luxe four-season house, a massive pool complete with elegant water features, and a fully-furnished cabana, is nothing short of a masterpiece and evokes the ‘wow’ factor the client had intended.

The homeowner wanted an entertainment area for their large family, where they could relax and unwind—a space that allowed a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior. After a thorough brainstorming session with the owner, the Land-Con team decided to adjust the initial design layout presented by the client to create one that aligned with the latter’s needs, and also assisted in selecting materials and finishes.

What started out as a three-season loggia extension, soon grew into a much larger project as the team started to build. During the construction process, the client decided they wanted the structure to be a four-season room. This meant insulating and heating the floor, as well as the roof, and increasing the thickness of the bi-folding glass doors to keep in the heat.

The project involved a lengthy permitting process achieved through multiple revisions and engineering stamps. The site, too, presented a few challenges, such as difficult house contours, which made it tricky to fit the roof against the house. However, with careful planning, the team was able to successfully work around those problems.

The highlight of the landscape is undoubtedly the 60.4-m2 (650-sf) loggia, which makes for a magnificent backdrop to the other design elements. The planters flanking the sides of the 9.1-m (30-ft) wide staircase frame the extension and create a grand entry.

As one walks in through the front door of the house, they are immediately greeted to the warmth of a double-sided fireplace. The bi-folding glass doors of the loggia offer unobstructed views of the 6.1- x 12.2-m (20- x 40-ft) pool.

A low-lying stone wall, which separates the pool from the lawn, flaunts three sheer descent waterfalls that complete the look of the installation. The deck surrounding the pool features both covered and open spaces, perfect for lounging and intimate gatherings. The 5- x 10-m (16- x 35-ft) sheltered cabana offers additional seating area, and features a bathroom and shower area. This vast outdoor living space also consists of a kitchen and a cozy firepit.

A true backyard resort, creating a place to spend time with family and
friends making lasting memories.

Land-Con Ltd.
Concord, Ont.
Tel: 416-504-5263
Special Design Elements
  • Four-season room with double-sided fireplace
  • Swimming pool with sheer descent waterfalls
  • Fully furnished cabana
  • Outdoor kitchen
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